eco manyatta in Narok

The Eco-Manyattas and Flood Prevention In Narok County

Narok is one of the several satelite town close to the largest indiqenous Forest In East Africa, the Mau Forest-specifically,it is close to the Mau Forest one of the largest and most degraded sections of the larger Mau Forest.
In this regard the Mau forest is therefore faced with the following hazards especially during the extreme an hard weather conditions as outlined;

  • Unpredictable Weather patterns resulting to drought and food insecurity.
  • Adverse effects of drought resulting to th eloss of lovestock, wildlife ,depletion of community in search of watrer and the pasture thus reducing them to a state of destitution.
  • Regular occurence of floods and landslides.

The Historic Eco-Manyatta Responce to the Flooding and other Flooding Climatic Conditions

In regard of the hardship arid climatic conditions, shocks,hazards and total poverty being faced in the pastroralists community in NAROK. Eco-manyattas have created  the Modern Enhanced Manyattas with the use of locally available resources and materials powered with the ready available sustainable green energy supply from solar and the bio gas technology and with the ability to harvest rain water and to keep it.

The ECO-MANYATTA programs has been touted as a historic response to the climatic conditions in dressing the following challenges:


Challenges Leading to the Flooding and other Adverse Climatic Conditions Eco-manyatta Solutions in Current pilot in Building Resillience to future Disasterd
Deforestation for Construction. Usage of locally produced brickets for construction.
Usage of firewood and charcoal for cooking and heating. Integrating of a simple and portable biogas technologhy for cooking and heating with the use of cow dung.
Black Carbon emision of kerosene lamp. Installation of solar energy kits that can be used to light up the entire manyatta and used for charging phones.
Usage of current water water sources for both domestic and livestock. Installation of wataer harvesting and storage techniques of sustainable water supply.
Open Defection. Counstruction od eco-friendly toilets that use less water to clean.
Poverty. Implanting green building skills into the local community and creating opportunities for green livelihoods (green jobs).


The Eco-Manyatta intervention will also introduce more inititives that can counter flooding and other adverse conditions in Narok.

These will Include:

  1. Encouraging farming and crop production to settle pastroralists.
  2. Tree Planting and massive afforestation campaigns as the eco-manyatta are being rolled up.
  3. School green ventures and appreciation of green build principles as well as environmental conservation in schools going ;children in Narok.
  4. Mass Media county messages in Narok on the importance of conservation of the environment.
  5. Introduction of the green Building Curriculum in the technical vocational school to train MSMEs in the green building value chain.


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