Eco Manyatta

Manyatta Tragedy

A normal day in the Maasai community entails the man looking after the herd and the woman taking care of their home, the Manyatta. Last week, tragedy fell inside one of the Manyatta in Eselenkei, Kajiado County as a Moran planted his spear outside the Manyatta. This is very normal among the Maasai community as it customary tradition. Leaving the spear outside the house symbolizes that there’s a Moran in the Manyatta.

The rain started pouring heavily and water started to leak inside her Manyatta. As customary, the lady went on top of the manyatta to fix it areas where it was leaking. She couldn’t do much as the rain was too heavy hence making the manyatta weak. The manyatta collapsed and the lady fell right on the spear which went straight through her back piercing through her stomach. Such kinds of incidents are common among the Maasai community, manyattas fall apart and sometimes the results are fatal.

All hope is not lost since there are better, stronger and modern ways of building the manyatta. Eco Manyatta Africa has come up with proven and reliable technology aimed at improving the lives of African communities by equipping them with solar panels, biogas, rain water harvester, eco toilets and biogas for cooking.

Together with a few friends, Eco Manyatta Africa, is running a fundraising to build a modern manyatta for the deceased family. The family will be able to enjoy a safer house, electricity, biogas for cooking and water storage facility that harnesses rain water for domestic use. We call on to all well-wishers to join us and make this family a better home.

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