‎1 . EMA provides more than an integrated sustainable housing but also supports livelihoods.
2. We’re part and parcel of the Community. We’ve integrated with the community to develop initiatives and solutions that add value and transform lives.
3. Our social value creation ties into every fabric of our community’s dream and aspirations – this is the EMA story!

Enhanced Manyatta

Eco-Manyatta Afrika is an organization that was set up specifically for enhancing the Maasai (Pastoral) Manyatta using locally available materials powered with readily available sustainable green energy supply from solar and biogas technology, harvested and stored rain water without any interference to their lifestyle.

The Eco Manyatta prototype in Suswa, Narok County, Kenya has had an array of impacts on the individual owners and the larger community at large.

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Eco Nyumba II Concept

Waste paper and non biodegradable paper littering the environment can be used to make these tubes make these tubes could help clean up the environment revolutionizing waste recycling since poor waste management has been identified as a challenge in the 2013 kenyan environment policy security the tubes can be painted with phosphorescent “glow in the dark” strontium aluminate paint these can make the structures also act as street lights in these remote areas enhancing security especially since these areas lack such ammenities.

Biogas Technology

This is a 3 meter cubic portable plastic digester whose feedstock is the readily available cow dung which can generate enough biogas for cooking for an average rural household.
It conserves the environment through prevention of rampant deforestation caused by firewood collection (an effort which can be redirected to other socio – economically productive efforts).

Deforestation contributes heavily to climate change and global warming issues while the inhalation of gases emitted from lighting firewood are a huge cause of respiratory and eye diseases amongst the pastoralist communities.

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Solar Energy Kit

Contains 3 LED power outlets, a mobile charging USB port, 5 meter long cable and a solar panel able to light up to 3 rooms/spaces for 6-8 hours (after day long solar charging).

This saves on household costs incurred purchasing kerosene and other health related costs for treating respiratory and eye diseases caused by indoor air pollution from gases released when lighting kerosene and firewood.

It also provides proper reading lighting for school going children, enhancing their performance in school.

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Water Harvesting

Water harvesting in the eco manyatta increases access to clean water whilst women will not walk long distances to fetch water and hence redirect
time and effort towards other socio-economically productive enterprises.

This will lead to reduced human-wildlife conflict currently being experienced and ensure protection of vital rivers and water bodies that are crucial in supporting the eco-system.

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